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Pancreas Friendly Food Chart:     In March of 2008 I was diagnosed as a Type 2 diabetic, so defeating diabetes is a priority with me.  I had no idea my pancreas was failing as I had no symptoms.  I simply woke up one morning with a failing pancreas.  After a lot of research to understand the problem I was able to give my pancreas a needed rest.  Once I understood the issue I was able to apply a workable solution.  I developed a "Pancreas Friendlyfood chart, based on a glycemic index.  Within 3 days I could see the difference in my testing meter.  Within 3 months of my diagnosis, I was able to stop with the medication and daily blood testing as my A1c levels have returned to "Healthy Adult" status.

I resolved my Type 2 diabetes with the help of a "Pancreas Friendly" food chart. This could work for you too. 

Make no mistake.  Diabetes is a real disease. Your pancreas is dying. When it finally dies you are no longer a Type 2 (insulin resistant) diabetic but a Type 1 (insulin dependent) diabetic.  Left unchecked diabetes will take your health.  It  will take your sight, your toes, your feet and your sex life not to mention your kidneys, liver and spawn a deteriorating nerve system.   Diabetic neuropathy, or damage to nerve tissue, is a real danger. 

Without a working pancreas you produce no insulin. Without insulin to control sugar levels, you can only continue to live for about another 24 hours. That’s right, without insulin, your sugar level sky rockets out of control, your brain begins to malfunction and within 24 hours you are totally unconscious and at the mercy of whatever awaits you. If you go into diabetic shock when no one else is around, you may not survive the event.  

My friend, a Type 1 diabetic, was shopping at her local grocery when she went into diabetic shock while standing in the checkout line. Within ten minutes she was unconscious, on the floor, awaiting the ambulance, as the store manager called the 911 emergency.  The attending EMT’s (Emergency Medical Technician) eventually determined that she was in diabetic shock, and administered life saving medication and techniques on the spot. After she regained consciousness and was about to be released, the EMT showed her his initial report that listed her “dead at the scene.” He suggested that she wear diabetic identification that could alert future EMT’s when this event repeats.

I am motivated to keep myself in "Healthy Adult" status and out of "Type 2" or "Type 1" status.   
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