My name is Dallas Thomason.  I was born and raised in Indiana, and still consider myself a Hoosier.  I spent 4 years active duty in the US Navy 1970-1974.  I am a graduate of the American University in Washington, DC.  I have enjoyed a 40 year career as a computer consultant.  These days I spend my time managing my Type 2 diabetes, swing dancing, golf and genealogy.  Now and then you will find me on a motorcycle.

In May 2008 I was diagnosed as having Type 2 diabetes. Like everybody else of my generation, I had no idea I could possibly be a Type 2 diabetic.   I had no symptoms, I'm not overweight or sedentary and I have no diabetes in my immediate family.  I simply didn't fit the profile.

I made it my business to understand how I became diabetic and what I could do to reverse it.  Within 7 weeks and a lot of research I had learned why my pancreas was failing and what I needed to change to give my pancreas time to recover.   

I then wrote a paper on my discovery and put it on the internet.  The problem was the food I was eating and how I was abusing my own pancreas, so I built a pancreas friendly food chart and everything changed for the better almost immediately.

It still works for me today and I didn't have to change my life style. I use the chart every day.  My pancreas recovered and my A1c went back to normal.