Cure Diabetes:  Type 2
Can you cure Type 2 diabetes? ... Yes you can!

If your definition of a cure is to have your T2 diabetes go away:

     stop your weight gain
     stop your A1C results from going beyond 6.0%
     stop with prescription medication
     stop with daily (hourly) test strips
     stop with glucose spikes
     stop with potential diabetic nerve damage
     stop with continuous obesity issues
     stop with ravenous out of control eating
     stop with dizziness while walking or driving
     stop with letting someone else prescribe your
             plan of action
     stop with $2,500 to $5,000 per year in out of
             pocket medical costs

then yes you can cure type 2 diabetes.

Your Type 2 came on because of you and your life style and it can go away with a change in you and your life style.  You just need to give your failing pancreas the priority.  You take care of your pancreas, the thing you have been abusing, the rest will take care of itself.